Amy&Jake’s Family Portrait Session

15 March, 2017 (16:29)

Evening guys,

This week I thought I’d share with you Amy & Jake’s family photography portrait session. I’ve known Amy awhile, but hadn’t seen each other or spoke in months. I was surprised when I received a message from her asking about a portrait session for her little one and the family, of course I wanted to fit Amy and her family in for their memories to be captured.

Amy enquired around Christmas time, so I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to fit them in before Christmas, but thankfully we did and the bonus is that it was brilliant … I’m warning you cuteness alert!

As soon as their got to the studio for their portraits we started off playing a little so little Charlotte could get used to me, just like I do with all little children when they come along for their portraits. We then got Charlotte changed for her photos, mum had said that she could sit up unaided but not for long and sometimes a bit wobbly …. well this wasn’t the case as you can see below Charlotte was absolutely fine and was completely stable for quite some time. She was giving out some super gorgeous smiles – simply stunning; there are no other words. I’m sure you’ll agree she is a true stunner :)

Portraits Leicester Portraits Leicester

Portraits Leicester

Charlotte loved the camera, smiles all round. She did however like everyone get bored a little towards the end but that didn’t matter because we got some fantastic shots of her smiling already. When Amy & Jake came to view their images they loved them, and knew from the first image they saw that it was going to be super hard to choose … eventually they picked all of the images that they wanted for their walls. Nice big prints for there walls too :) Who wouldn’t want a big print of a beautiful little happy girl hanging up on the wall?!

I can’t wait to see Charlotte again for some more gorgeous portraits.

See you soon, Sophie, x

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