Frequently Asked Questions about Boudoir Photography

Before you ask for a copy of my boudoir photography brochure, here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand a little more about me and process.

– Where are you based?

I am a portrait photographer based in and around Leicester and Leicestershire area. Boudoir portrait sessions are photographed in my home studio in Leicestershire.

– I’m not a confident person, does this affect my session?

Not at all, in fact, boudoir portrait sessions are sessions made exactly for you. Boudoir sessions are made to help you gain confidence in yourself and to help you love yourself too. Many women who book in for a boudoir session come to the studio very nervous but leave feeling better. The best part is when my clients return to view their images, it’s so lovely to see the emotions and reactions to their images.

– I hate photo’s of myself, what if I don’t like them?

Well as of yet this has never happened. The service I provide my clients is paramount. Though you won’t like all of your images, you might prefer some to others and that’s fine.

– Do I have to have my hair and makeup done professionally?

No, not at all. For my boudoir sessions, I believe that they should show you how you normally are, so if you do your makeup in a certain way come to your session like that, or if you don’t wear any makeup that’s fine. You can have your hair and makeup done professionally if you want to, it adds to the experience and I can recommend hair and makeup artist to you.

– What do I need to wear/bring with me?

Everything! That’s usually my answer. Bring outfits and lingerie that you think you would like to wear and feel good in. If you think you could wear a certain item but not sure, bring it anyway. I’d rather you have more than you need. You can bring shoes and some like to bring a shirt or one of their partner’s shirts to use in the photos. It all depends who the photos are actually for.

– I’m not skinny or slim, does this matter?

No, it doesn’t. Not all of my clients are size 8s and you don’t need to be either. The idea of a boudoir session is to be able to learn to love you the way you are. You’re beautiful as you are.

– Does the session fee include my images?

Unfortunately not. The session fee is to cover the session cost, my time and skill. When you get in touch to ask for my brochure you will see my collections, a la carte, extras and gift options.

Get in touch and ask for my boudoir brochure :)

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