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12 March, 2018 (16:09)

Boudoir photographer in Leicester / Leicestershire

As soon as Amiee arrived at the studio for her boudoir portraits I could tell she was incredibly nervous. Amiee wanted to do the session not only for herself to get some confidence back but also as a little present for her boyfriend for Christmas present. Amiee had booked the lovely Jemma to do her make-up for the portrait session. As always, Jemma was brilliant and made the makeup look completely natural. As the make-up was being done I knew Amiee would ease into it a little more and she did.

Amiee’s make-up complete meant we could crack on getting some of that confidence back 🙂 you may look at the images of Amiee and wonder why she would need confident boost, well she is beautiful and she does have a lovely figure but a lot of women do still lack in confidence no matter how their body looks. During the portrait session, I was making her smile, to show her teeth, which I know a lot of people hate but it looks so beautiful when a woman smiles. Amiee hated her smile/laugh but I think you will all agree it is stunning! Of course, I didn’t make her do this all the time, especially as she didn’t like it then I know she wouldn’t want those photos, we did some mouth closed smiles 🙂

Like my other boudoir portrait sessions, these photos have had minimal editing. Only editing was to the background and some on the lighting, other than that I have left Amiee completely alone, no skin edited and I don’t change the shape of her body either. The idea of these portrait sessions is to look and be as natural as possible, hence the minimal makeup and editing. Take a look at Amiee’s photos to see how lovely her boudoir session went. If you have been thinking about booking in for a boudoir session of your own I would love to hear from you, you can also pop over and have a read of my frequently asked questions about boudoirs sessions.

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Look forward to hearing from you soon,
Sophie, x

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