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6 April, 2018 (21:05)

When I get enquiries for family portraits, the first thing to always think about is what type of session you want …
There are two different options here, one is a studio session or option two is a location session. Both of these sessions are completely different.
When thinking about family portraits the one thing you need to consider most is what you want the outcome to look like? So what do you what your portraits to look like? You have to visualise what family photos you see hanging on the walls in your home.
Easier said than done I know, so here’s a little explanation to help you decide.

A studio session is what is seen as the classic type of family portrait session. Many years ago there weren’t as many studios in your county as there probably are today but as always photography is still to this day classed as a luxury. Even though photography is classed as a luxury there are that many photographers in the world that suit all budget types and every photographer has a different style, so you should be able to find a photographer that suits you, your needs, your budget and the style you are looking for.
A studio session doesn’t suit all, there are two types of studio photographers, one type is a photographer that uses lights in the studio and the other is one that uses the natural light, both of these are absolutely fine, it just depends on the style you are going for. For me, I do use lights in my studio, but as well, I also use the natural light combined with the lights. With studio portraits, photographers tend to have a few different colour backdrops to help create your portraits.
Now depending on you and your family, there are some factors that would determine whether or not a studio session is for your family, for example, the age of the children or if they have any special needs this would be something you consider. Children with special needs like autism, these children don’t like new places or people they don’t know. Or if children are at that somewhat funny age they may not want to be in a kind of small space but instead may want to run around in a more open space which would mean a location session is perfect for you.

Whether you book a studio or location session both give beautiful portraits and memories that last.

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Thinking about your family photos, a location session has endless possibilities – well to some extent. The one reason I love location sessions is that every session even if shot at the same location is completely different. The majority of my clients hate having their photograph taken, but being outside in a national park surrounded by people walking dogs whilst having your photo taken isn’t as strange as you may think, some will glance over but most won’t care so you won’t feel like everyone is watching. For family portraits, being outside going for a walk is completely natural and the children love it – you just feel like you are on a family outing which shows in the photos. Relaxed faces, happy smiles – so why wouldn’t you want to have your family portraits taken on a beautiful family outing? One of the best things about having portraits outdoors is that the little ones can play or sit down eating ice-cream; I can hide behind a tree and take their portraits naturally … well, no one wants to look at the camera all of the time, do they?
If you love the natural approach, being outside in a lovely environment, relaxed and not always having to look at the camera then a location session is perfect for you and your family.

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family photographer near me, leicester
family photographer near me, leicester


Whichever you prefer studio or location for your professional family portraits, we will without a doubt get some stunning images for your gallery 🙂 I hope this has been interesting and informative for you. I do hope to see you soon, get in touch to book your portrait session 🙂

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See you soon,
Sophie, x

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