Julie&Nigel Pre-Wedding; Beacon Hill, Leicester

30 August, 2017 (17:00)

Well, what can I say … Julie and Nigel booked in for their pre-wedding portrait photography session as their wedding day is approaching. When we booked in the session, we had a list of different locations that were possible and lovely places for portraits. In the end, we decided on Beacon Hill, Leicestershire, Leicester. Beacon Hill was lovely and quiet when we did the portraits which was great because we had a choice of the sections to Beacon Hill, we didn’t have to wait for people to walk past to take a shot – perfect!

Julie and Nigel are such a lovely couple, they act like they are eighteen, but they’re not. I won’t say their age, let’s see if you can guess … comment below 🙂 I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Throughout the session, Nigel would sometimes pull faces or do something out of the blue to make me laugh. He is a joker, which is fantastic as you know he’s fun to work with. Julie and Nigel are a perfect couple, they match brilliantly, Nigel seems to always make Julie laugh as he is the life and soul of the party as the saying goes. The pre-wedding portrait session always gives me a great idea as to how my couples are going to be on their wedding day. whether it’s quiet and shy in front of me and the camera or whether it’s out going and not too fussed about me being there.

Julie and Nigel certainly made my job seem really easy. It feels like I have known them for years. I keep saying to them that when I’m their age, I hope I’m just like them. I am super excited about their wedding day, I can not wait to photograph their wedding. A special day for two beautiful people, I have also been told that Nigel and his family are … let’s say party animals, when it comes to a party they make it! So with this added it makes me even more excited to see them all at the wedding. I’m sure you can see from the photos just how much of a lovely couple they are 🙂


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I’m so excited and can not wait to photograph the wedding of these two. There’s not long left to go until it’s here. If you hadn’t noticed I love weddings! 🙂

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