Leicestershire Wedding Photographer; Top Tips – Do’s and Don’ts

8 June, 2016 (16:13)

Hello lovelies, :)

As a Wedding Photographer, over the years I have come across and collected some top tips to share with you all. So I have put together some top tips for you lovely brides to be :) 

A wedding day is extremely hard to plan and prepare for .. unfortunately I’m not married so I wouldn’t know exactly how hard it is but when I chat to all my bride and grooms they all let me know of any problems they’ve had or any hiccups.

Here’s just five top tips of do’s and don’ts for your wedding day :)

  1. Do: Make sure you book a Hairdresser and a Make-Up Artist Don’t: Leave it for yourself to do, take the stress away and book a professional so your hair stays in and looking good and your make-up lasts all night without you worrying about it.
  2. Do: Make sure you book in your trials Don’t: Forget or leave out the trial for either hair or make-up, you want to have a preview of how you will look on your special day and if you don’t like it on the trial theres plenty of time to change it and get it right for you.
  3. Do: Make sure you have the day exactly how you want it, its your day it has to be your style Don’t: Go for the ‘princess’ wedding if its not you, if you’re more gothic then go for it, at the end of the day it costs a huge amount of money – if you do something you’re not happen with then you might as well just throw your money down the drain! If you’re different be different don’t be the same as everyone else.
  4. Do: Make sure when you look around your potential venue and you talk to the wedding co-ordinator and ask and understand everything they say. Don’t: Book in and then ask questions, because sometimes it can end up being more expensive than you expected.
  5. Do: Make sure you find your professional wedding photographer early on, book in for consultations with a few different photographers you like, look at all of their work and products and a good chat with them and get to know them. Don’t: Just book a photographer without seeing them or without having a pre-wedding/engagement session with them. Just booking a photographer you don’t know what the person is actually like – you need to connect with them and understand each other.
  6. Do: Take a flat pair of shoes to change into for the evening. Don’t: Make your feet sore for the whole day, plus not everyone will see them if your dress covers your feet :)
  7. Do: Try and get help with planning your big day, it’s hard work. Don’t: Try and do everything yourself, you have bridesmaids their there so use them :)
  8. Do: Try and go to wedding fayres and have a look around at different suppliers and collect ideas for your big day and book companies to do things for you to keep the stress down. Don’t: Cut to many corners but cutting down or making things yourself, yes its a nice personal touch but you have to work and have time with your family so don’t make yourself more stress.
  9. Do: Eat Cake … Taste sample cakes from possible cake makers so you know what yumminess to expect on your big day! Don’t: Just book a cake maker … no one wants a horrible tasting cake.
  10. And the most important top tip …. Do: Have time on your big day together as husband and wife! Trust me the day goes fast you won’t believe just how much time flies by until the day. Don’t: Spend to much time on going to talk to your family and friends … let them come to you and get you a drink :)

There you go guys, ten top tips for you to think about.

If you’re already married – let others know of any other tips that I missed. Leave tips in the comments below.

See you next week

Sophie, x :)

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