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18 May, 2016 (16:10)

Hey lovelies,

This week my wedding topic is ‘Who to invite to your wedding’. Many of you are probably or have pulled your hair out trying to decide who to invite to the wedding and whether or not that person should be invited. I have found the perfect way to get your guest list sorted for your big day! It won’t even take you too long either – bonus!

So here’s how to do it, if you can answer these questions below with a Yes then their invited; if any of the following you answer a No then cross them off the guest list. Simple!

  1. Have you talked to this person in the past year?
  2. Have you ever spent time together outside of work?
  3. Has your fiancé ever met this person?
  4. Would this person invite you to their wedding?
  5. Can you imagine your wedding day without him/her?

Wedding Photographer in Leicestershire

Please leave your comments below, let me know how you decided who was invited to your big day? Or if you’re still thinking and can’t decide.

See you next week :)

Sophie, x

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