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Frequently Asked Questions about Portrait Photography

Before you ask for a copy of my portrait brochure, here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand a little more about me and process.

– How far in advance do I need to book in for a Portrait session?

How far you need to book depends on what exactly you have in mind for your portrait session. Sometimes people book in so they can order a certain image for a birthday present for example. After the session, I book you in for your ordering session – this is usually 1 to 2 weeks after your portrait session. Then you place your order, your order then takes up to 2 weeks to be delivered to me. This should hopefully help you understand how long the process is so you can understand when you need to book in for.

– Where are you based?

I am a portrait photographer based in and around Leicester and Leicestershire area. Location portrait session I do travel to if you want a family location session in Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire this can be done. I am open to new locations, just get in touch for a bespoke quote.

– Do we choose the location or do you?

You do! There are your portraits. If you are wanting to book a location session and have a location in mind do let me know. Not everyone knows where they want their family portraits taken, so I can give you some location ideas, but ultimately the final decision is yours.

– Does the session fee include my images?

Unfortunately not. The session fee is to cover the session cost, my time and skill. When you get in touch to ask for my brochure you will see my collections, a la carte, extras and gift options.

– Does everyone for the portraits need to be dressed in a certain way?

Ideally, it all depends on what picture you imagine hanging on your wall, what do you imagine to be dressed like? Do you hope to be coordinated?
For family portraits I like the family to be coordinated, I generally suggest wearing pale/pastel colours. Colours that work well are Navy, Black, White, Cream and pastel colours. I also advise plain tops, so no artwork or big logos. If you have anything in mind and not sure if it would work just ask and I can advise you.


Get in touch and ask for my portrait brochure 🙂

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