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Wedding Photographer Leicester; Why you might want to consider having an unplugged wedding day

18 January, 2017 (14:30) | Leicester Wedding Photographer, Leicestershire Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photographer Leicester | Derby | Nottingham | East Midlands | By: sophie white

Wedding & Portrait Photographer Hey guys, So this blog is called, “why you might want to consider having an unplugged wedding day”! You might think because I’m a wedding photographer that this post is a little biased .. well maybe but there are other reasons too. As a wedding photographer myself, there are a lot […]

Wedding Photographer Leicestershire/Derbyshire: Wedding day tips!

7 September, 2016 (12:19) | Leicestershire Photographer, Wedding Photographer | By: sophie white

Leicestershire & Derbyshire Wedding Photographer Hello beautiful people, Welcome back! So this week I’d thought I’d give you brides .. and grooms out there some tips for your wedding day. We all need tips right?! So here goes the list for you … Your wedding day is huge right? Of course it is, you’ve spent […]

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