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Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Photography

Before you ask for a copy of my wedding brochure, here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand a little more about me and process.

– How far in advance do we need to book our wedding photographer?

Every wedding couple is completely different, some book their wedding last minute – this is totally fine, however many professional photographers do get booked up at least 12months before. Some couples book their wedding in two or even three years in advance. As soon as you have your date set and found the wedding photographer you love, that’s the time to book them.

– Do we need to meet you in person before?

You don’t have to, but I would like to. I love meeting all my couples before they definitely book me to be their wedding photographer. It’s nice to chat about your day, plans and photography desires. Not only that you get to see the quality of my albums and see full day weddings.

– Where are you based?

I am a Leicester based wedding photographer. However, I cover weddings across Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. I also cover weddings across the UK and Destination. I love a wedding! So wherever your wedding is, I’m more than happy to travel! Who doesn’t love a new location?

– How do I know what you’ll photograph on the wedding day?

Try to relax on your wedding day. I have six years wedding photography experience, I have photographed many weddings over the years so I know what things to photograph eg, rings, wedding dress, shoes, flowers, details of decorations etc. However, as I always say, every wedding is different and some couples have special things that they would want to be photographed, eg. a recent wedding I did, the groom proposed to her with her great grandmother’s ring, even though that wasn’t her engagement ring on her wedding day she still wanted it photographed as it meant something to her.

– What happens after we’ve booked?

Booking me to photograph your wedding is the easiest part! Once the contracts are signed and date reservation fee paid we can then start thinking about booking in your pre-wedding session. (package dependent) Throughout the build to the wedding, you will see me many times, the initial booking, pre-wedding session, viewing those images, collecting your order, then at least a month before the wedding we will meet again for our final consultation. It doesn’t end there, obviously, I’m with you on the wedding day, then there’s collecting your order after your wedding. So we do get to know each other during the process.

– Are you insured/do you have back up equipment?

Absolutely! I am fully insured should anything happen, though as of yet nothing has. Back up equipment is a must. If it was a normal portrait session and my equipment broke we could reschedule but its a wedding, you can’t reschedule a wedding day and do it all again. So I have two cameras and multiple lenses as well as plenty of memory cards.

– What if you’ve never photographed our wedding venue before?

Perfect! I love a new location that I haven’t photographed before. A new location means a new opportunity. If I haven’t photographed your wedding venue before, I will scout out the venue when I get there to see the best places for photos.

– The online gallery, can I download the images?

Unfortunately not, the online gallery is there to be able to pass onto family and friends so they can see your images but they will be watermarked. The online gallery is a lower resolution, it is there so you can choose your images for your wedding album, choose your prints and anything else included in your wedding package.

– What is a pre-wedding session?

Depending on the wedding package you would like to book, you will get a pre-wedding session. This is a portrait session with you and your partner (though if you have children they will be included partly). The idea of a pre-wedding session is that it helps to relax you for the wedding photos on your wedding day. Its a little tester before your wedding, it not only helps you but it helps me to understand how you liked to be photographed. If you do have children, they can be included in the pre-wedding session if you want them too, as this will help them when it comes to the wedding to understand who I am and be put more at ease too.

– What will you wear to photograph our wedding?

Now I know its a wedding, but I am working. Generally, I am out for at least 12hours depending on the day so I need to be comfortable, plus being a photographer I get in many strange positions so I need to be able to move easily. What I generally wear is jeans with a nice top that I don’t mind getting dirty and a blazer/jackets. I also wear boots, but in warmer weather, I may wear sandals. Saying this is you would prefer me to dress a certain way, I will try my best to accommodate.


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