Wedding Photographer Leicester; Why you might want to consider having an unplugged wedding day

18 January, 2017 (14:30)

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Hey guys, So this blog is called, “why you might want to consider having an unplugged wedding day”! You might think because I’m a wedding photographer that this post is a little biased .. well maybe but there are other reasons too.

As a wedding photographer myself, there are a lot of amazing photographers I know and look up to. On the other hand there’s the ones that are just starting out or aren’t quite there yet – I’ve been there myself. Choosing your perfect wedding photographer is most important for your big day, your images are all you generally have left once your wedding day is over. Your dress is in the attic, the cake was eaten, table decorations gone, you won’t wear those shoes again either and the suits have gone back to the shop … a lot of money spent and ….. POOF … its all gone within 24hrs; well not even that. A wedding day is filled with so many wonderful memories created with family and friends, the problem is so many of your guests will be always on their phones, taking pictures & selfies and not actually taking in the day. Why not have an unplugged wedding?? You want your guests to enjoy ever moment and not to be distracted on their phones, the phones aren’t important – you are :)

Reasons to have an unplugged wedding

 Over exposed images Sometimes when your guests are there snapping away and the photographer is all set up ready to take the shots, the flash equipment goes off but also as your guest takes a shot too and their flash goes off, then theres too much light and your photos will then be over exposed …. moment ruined!! You don’t want that.  You want the beautiful, gorgeous images that your professional wedding photographer will be providing you with not uncle bob’s slightly blurry phone snaps.

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Standing in the isle Ok, so this one is important. I have shot many weddings in my years of business and all the time when it comes to bride and groom getting ready to walk down the isle for some strange reason everyone jumps out to grab some shots … thats lovely that their capturing the moment … but it means they are blocking the way for the photographer which won’t be able to capture this moment for you. Of course you want to smile and say hi to people as you’re walking down but your photographer needs to see you, especially as you’re now Mr&Mrs, Mrs&Mrs or Mr&Mr; these are the first images as newly weds.

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So, put the camera’s/phone’s away! In a world of technology, camera’s and phones are out all the time so it’s quite hard to not use them on special days like a wedding. Just the same as social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, of course everyones got dressed up for a wedding so they post a picture on Facebook to show everyone but do you really want snap shots of your wedding on Facebook before you’ve even seen the professional images? Some couples now ask their guests not to post of social media sites until they have seen images from their photographer, it keeps the excitement there for you both as newly weds :) If your guests also keep camera and phones away they can enjoy the day so much more, they can have better conversations and mingle with others as well as just take it all in.

So there are the good points to an unplugged wedding, there is one bad point …. when it comes to booking your perfect wedding photographer you need to make sure they are professional, have insurance, have been trained and that you have seen a mixture of wedding images/albums that they have done and absolutely love their work and how they capture your memories. If you don’t do this then you could end up with someone whom is possibly just starting out and charging a small fee, or someone who hasn’t been doing it long and you haven’t got the images/memories you were hoping for.

There are so many wedding photographers out there, you just have to be careful and thoroughly look through all their work browse their website see how long they have been doing it for etc. You don’t want your wedding day to be ruined.

Wedding photographer Leicester

See you soon Sophie, x

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