Wedding Photographer Leicestershire/ Derbyshire: Things that cost more than you think!

3 August, 2016 (10:33)

Leicestershire & Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

Hey lovely brides,

So I can imagine planning a wedding is super stressful … I can only say imagine because I’m not married myself – maybe it’l happen one day. Anyway I have put together some things that you didn’t think cost as much as they actually do for a wedding.

  1. Your Wedding Photographer
    I have posted about wedding photography before … pop over and read this blog post about wedding photography;
  2. Wedding Cake
    Cake is cake right? …. Wrong! Depending on what type of cake you want, sponge, lemon, red velvet, fruit; there’s all different ones to choose from and not forgetting chocolate. Once you’ve chosen then theres decoration, icing and whether you want other than ribbon liked iced flowers or something more. Not only have you got to think of all of that …. how many has it got to feed? Here’s some examples for you ….906A4341
    So this cake would cost you around £300.00. Portion size around 75 people. I love this wedding cake, so elegant. Made by the wonderful ‘Cakes By Emma’IMG_1084A wedding cake like this would cost around £375.00, this cake was made to feed around 130 people. Nice and fresh. Made by ‘Cakes By Emma’ – pop over and see more of her cakes on her page.
    Wedding Photographer LeicestershireA wedding cake as gorgeous as this would cost around £350.00+
    This is super gorgeous, probably my favourite wedding cake of all. This cake was made by the wonderful ‘Cake Invaders’ Pop over and check out her cakes.
  3. Beauty
    Who knew just how much it would cost to look good ay? At the wedding I photographed the other week I met a wonderful Make-Up Artist, she was also a Hairstylist. She was amazing all day. I would highly recommend Sam – pop over and check out her Facebook page; obviously the brides make-up costs more than the bridesmaids …. well the bride is the most important; its her day. So brides make-up starts at around £85.00 and bridesmaids around £55.00, but theres always chance of added extra’s, those lashes aren’t cheap – not good ones anyway, and you want them to be good they have to last you all day and night!
  4. Alterations
    So there’s one thing you know roughly how much you want to spend on your dream wedding dress right? Surely thats at the top of any brides list isn’t it?! The one thing you don’t consider is the extra it costs for alterations, now depending where you brought your dream wedding gown from depends on how much they charge for alterations. Alterations can add up, one fitting then it’s altered, you try it on again and maybe still not right. The problem is during this stressful yet delightful time leading up to your big day unfortunately your size changes as much as you’re probably trying to loose weight for your big day, days happen where you don’t care what food goes in your mouth.
  5. Venue Decorations
    So you’ve seen your gorgeous venue for your big day, chances are you’ve seen how it looks done up right? Exactly! You haven’t even thought about the cost of those decorations. This company ”Shimmer Events UK” is amazing, they made venues look gorgeous. Gorgeous venues cost money, decorations can start from £200.00 and go up depending how much you’d like and colours.Well I hopes that has helped you lovely brides 🙂
    See you next time,
    Sophie, x

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