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7 September, 2016 (12:19)

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Hello beautiful people,

Welcome back! So this week I’d thought I’d give you brides .. and grooms out there some tips for your wedding day. We all need tips right?! So here goes the list for you … :)

Your wedding day is huge right? Of course it is, you’ve spent months and for some years planning it. As a wedding photographer throughout the day at weddings I give my brides different tips; which they always love. So here is some for you to think about.

  1. Accept that you can’t please everyone Whilst planning your big day you will stumble across different people not liking an idea, the menu, the drive, the extra cost of an hotel room, the colour scheme or even for some people it’s who else is invited or isn’t invited. Well that’s not your problem to have to deal with, it’s your wedding so have it your way and if guests don’t like it then they can either not come or suck it up for the day! Some people just moan for the sake of moaning, so you can’t please everyone – accept the fact that it just isn’t going to happen like EVER! Ok?
  2. Try not to stress Ok, yes trying not to stress out whilst planning your wedding or even during your wedding day is easier said than done; but seriously things will happen and things won’t always go to plan no matter how hard you try. Stress just adds to your problems, it can give you sleepless nights, headaches and you can even get spots – no one wants spots for their wedding! So try and keep your stress levels way down. If it helps book a spa day or just a massage or something for you and even your hubby to be so you can both relax.
  3. Don’t get caught up in perfection Perfect … what is perfect? Everyones concept of perfection is different, no one really has the same views of ”perfect”. A perfect wedding to you could be in someone else’s eyes the most imperfect wedding. Everyone has a different version of their big day, as well as different tastes. You may have an elegant wedding and your sister for example or best friend may have a theme for their wedding like superheroes or 60’s theme. Sometimes at weddings you can go over the top, so if you want perfect it could end up costing more than you thought. At the end of the day your wedding will be perfect to you and your hubby because you both said ”I Do”. So for the rest of the day it doesn’t matter if the food service isn’t top notch.
  4. Be a team; decide and plan together Weddings … it’s something all women think about whilst growing up, how they want their big day to be like. A lot of the time bride the rings around and books everything and plans what she wants and hubby to be just pays … sound familiar? I bet it does. Most of the time the groom just goes with it with no input. Well be a team and plan the big day together. Your wedding day is both yours and his, planning it together is great you both get to spend more time together and it can be just how you both want it to be not just one sided. A bonus to being a team and planning your wedding together is …. less stress!
  5. Take one step at a time It’s exciting when you just get engaged. You said yes to marrying the man of your dreams, your best friend, your one and only. Now its time to plan the big day, not easy. You’re so excited that you want to just do it all as soon as possible … SLOW DOWN! Rushing to book everything at once means you won’t be thinking, well the odds are you are definitely gonna forget something. Planning your wedding day is suppose to be fun and exciting so take it easy. 
  6. Take time to enjoy each others company Your wedding day is finally here …. hooray!! Let’s just remember it is ONE DAY! 24hrs … well more like 12ish hours … so trust me its gonna fly by – I’m not lying, it really will. As a wedding photographer myself, I am usually with you the whole day .. 10/12hrs so I know exactly how the times fly’s. The trouble is brides don’t realise just how fast the clock ticks, so you’re rushing around making sure everything is being done and not having time to take it all in … because before you know it you’re getting in the car to go get married. So my biggest tip to you is to relax on the big day and take it all in! Once the service is done it’s photos, it’s everyone coming up to talk to you, it’s not having time with your now husband ….. stop and take time out to enjoy each others company. If you can’t do it on your wedding day when can you? I always take my couples away after dinner for some alone time just them two – and me but i’m usually hiding behind tree’s and other stuff to capture those in the moment gorgeous images. I try and make sure couples have at least a good 30 minutes together; I tell anyone that comes up to try and get images to go away – I say it in a nice way. Brides always thank me for it. Well the guests are with you the whole day I’m sure they can leave you alone for 30 minutes. Have time together, enjoy it and make each other laugh! It’s your day. Enjoy.
  7. Kiss your Husband/Wife Kiss your husband … or kiss your wife – sounds silly huh? Well you know how i’ve just said how fast that clock ticks .. well it really does and you don’t get to kiss each other because guests want pictures with you or to chat etc. So it’s not as easy as you think to kiss each other. When I take my bride and grooms out for alone time I always get them to have a snog! You are now Husband and wife, wife and wife or husband and husband … why would you not want to give them a snog? Have time together and have a lovely moment and kiss.
  8. Eat! For heavens sake ….. EAT! Have a bigger breakfast than usual because you’re busy throughout the morning so you are using up all your energy. It’s then HOURS until your sit down meal or whatever you have planned; now remember how I said things don’t always go to plan … well your planned sit down meal might not happen at the time planned, for whatever reason it could be moved back by 30 minutes and we all know when you’re hungry 30minutes feels like hours. So have a big breakfast :) eat eat eat! Another big thing, if you have young kids with you in the morning make sure they have loads to eat. It’s a long day for you but the morning to the little ones might as well be a whole day, they need breakfast and then a snack before you’re ready to walk down the isle. If you don’t give them a snack then when the ceremony is done they tend to not want to play ball when having group photos because they are hungry! And they still have at least an hour to two to wait until food. Everybody just needs to eat … and lots! :)Did you enjoy this read? Leave a comment in the box below and let me know your thoughts.Wedding Photographer in Leicestershire

    See you next time :) Sophie, x

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