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14 September, 2016 (16:06)

Leicester & Derby Wedding Photographer

Hello lovlies,

This week I wanted to help all the bride and grooms to be out there planning their wedding with what fights to expect. Yes fights! You’re probably thinking … fights, we won’t have fights about planning our wonderful wedding day … hmmm yes you will! I’ve said it many a times and i’ll say it again, weddings are stressful. When you are stressed you tend to take it out on the ones you love because they’re the closest to you to shout at. Whilst planning your big day they will be a few different fights you may have …

  1. The I don’t care fight
    This fight is awful, you know how us women are, when a man says I don’t know or I don’t care as an answer to a question about your big day … your not exactly gonna turn around and say ok darling .. are you?! No you are going to have a fight about it, the ”what do you mean you don’t care, this is our big day …. blah blah blah” That’s just how its going to happen and you know it! You know and everyone else knows that you’re not gonna let him get away with saying he doesn’t care, no matter what part he doesn’t care about … to you it still means the same.
  2. The trying to please everyone fight
    Again I have said it before and I will most definitely say it again …. you can’t please everyone! So stop trying, seriously just stop. Pleasing everyone will just never happen, someone will always moan. So the argument here is for example, you want to please your best friend and he wants to please his but you can’t please both. Or another fight would be the guest list, who you want to invite, who your partner wants to invite and who your parents want to invite are all going to be different. Like I said you just won’t be able to please everyone but the fight will still happen.
  3. The budget fight
    Weddings = budget! You have to budget, look at everything you want for your big day and get a figure so you know the cost. Now you always are going to come across something that you want, maybe not your partner but then you want to know whether the budget will stretch or if you can add a bit more. Again its an argument waiting to happen, most arguments boil down to money so why should planning your wedding be any different?
  4. The seating plan fight
    The seating plan … if you there’s one fight you definitely going to have its over the seating plan! This is giving your partner is helping you with the plan. You’ve invited all of your friends and family and the table isn’t big enough for everyone to be next to who you’d like to be. The idea of a wedding is two families coming together, so this is the time for both families to mingle and get to know each other. Mix the families up, maybe your grandparent/s with your partners grandparent/s, don’t put you’re grandparents with your siblings – no ones going to get to know each other that way but you will fight about whose gonna sit where, I always think the seating plan is the hardest thing to get right.
  5. The we’re ready for this to be over fight
    Every couple that plans their big day can’t wait for it to be over soon enough. It’s just a natural feeling I think. You’ve planned it all and its stressful, you’ve worked overtime to get in more money to help pay for it, you’re tired and in need of sleep, you’ve paid for everything and now people are maybe moaning … you’re ready for this day to be here and over! Believe me that will happen, as soon as its here the day will fly – so try not to wish it all away so quickly, take it in and remember it._mg_0263
    Hope you enjoyed the read. Are you planning your big day and come across any of these fights yet? Or have you had different ones? Post your comments below.See you next time,
    Sophie, x

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