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20 July, 2016 (15:19)

Hey guys,

Ok I know I haven’t posted in awhile … ok … weeks … but I’m back on track for you guys.

This week I’d thought I’d give you a peek at the wedding I did a few weeks ago with Joanna from Joanna Baker Photography

Joanna has a 2nd shooter for her weddings, she needed someone for this wedding and well I don’t usually 2nd shoot for others but this time I thought why not! Well let me tell you, I LOVED IT! Joanna and I got on like a house on fire; it was amazing – so much so we are doing more together and neither of us can wait.

The wedding was gorgeous and in a gorgeous location in Richmond, London. Both myself and Joanna are mad about wedding photography and love bettering ourselves all the time. Working together means we can help each other out and have new and fresh inspiration.

I can also now say I’ve ate in Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant … well one of anyway :)

So here’s just a handful of images from the bride and grooms big day. Plus some behind the scene’s of us together.

 Wedding Photography in Leicestershire

Leicestershire wedding photographer

derbyshire wedding photographer

London wedding photographer

Now here’s some of me and Joanna ….. are you ready … ?






Hope you enjoyed those and seeing some behind the scene’s images of myself and Joanna.

See you next week.

Sophie, x

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