Boudoir Photography Leicester // Michaela’s Portraits

15 January, 2019 (11:57)

Bridal Boudoir Photography Portraits – Boudoir Photographer Leicestershire

At the beginning of this year, Michaela phoned me to talk about the possibility of booking in for a bridal boudoir session. Nervous as she was about booking in, she did. The reason behind the shoot was so she had some beautiful photos of herself to give to her soon husband to be on the morning of their wedding. This shoot was primarily for her fiancee, but it was also a nice gift to herself to give her some confidence in her own skin as they say.

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Looking back on 2018

2 January, 2019 (18:42)

Leicester and Staffordshire Wedding Photographer
A look back on weddings photographed in 2018

Wow … where did 2018 go?!

I wanted to wish you all a fantastic new year. I hope you have all had a great start so far, maybe lounging on the sofa not knowing what day it is or what to have for dinner? – That’s how I’m feeling anyway.

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Engagement Portrait Shoot // Hannah & Graham

18 December, 2018 (12:00)

Engagement Photography Portraits – Leicestershire Wedding Photographer

Outdoor engagement portraits in Leicestershire

A few months ago I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Hannah and Graham for their pre-wedding portrait session (engagement shoot). Hannah and Graham’s stunning wedding will be in April 2019, however, before the wedding, I love to get my couples in front of the camera so they’re not completely scared on the wedding day.

The great thing about booking in your engagement portrait session is that it really helps you to connect with your photographer – not only that you both also get some cracking images as a couple. Being engaged to the love of your life is one of the most amazing feelings in the world … I can only imagine (mine’s yet to ask). When we are young and growing up, we all imagine and plan in our minds just how magical and fantastic our wedding day is going to be, so getting the ring is a where all the magic beings to grow. Your wedding day tells a story of you and your partner, so choosing the right photographer to capture your unique story is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the planning process.

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Wedding Photography / Breadsall Priory, Derbyshire / Gemma and Karl

15 December, 2018 (14:46)

Wedding Photography at Breadsall Priory – Derbyshire Wedding

The beautiful wedding of Gemma and Karl at the stunning wedding venue Breadsall Priory in Derbyshire.

Wow – where do I start with Gemma and Karl?!

Gemma and Karl booked me I believe a little over a year before their wedding day for me to photograph their wedding. I was so overwhelmed that they chose me. As soon as I met Gemma & Karl for a consultation before they booked, we started chatting and hit it off straight the way. When they said they wanted to book, so I over the moon. A gorgeous couple, who are completely madly in love with each other and are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. As always I mention just how quick the year will go and their wedding day will soon be here. The first thing we did a few months later, we did the pre-wedding portrait session which you can preview here. After that, they viewed their images and brought some as Christmas presents. We all couldn’t wait for the wedding day to come around.

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Christmas Portraits 2018

29 October, 2018 (16:59)

Hey all,

November is fast approaching, that surely can only mean one thing …. Christmas Portrait Sessions!
Yep, that’s right I have been busy through October putting together my Christmas portraits sessions, I have already booked in some spaces. These sessions are as detailed below.
Christmas Session Details; 

– 20 minute studio portrait session

– Max 3 children

– Bed setting as on images shown.

– 5 Digital Images ( emailed )

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WHP // New Logo

20 August, 2018 (13:15)

Hey all,

As you can see (hopefully) I have recently had a new logo! At the beginning of 2018 I got in touch with a lovely woman to inquire about a new logo, I thought let’s just do it. The old one I’ve had since White-Hall Photography began in 2010 so I thought its due a make-over, right?!

So after a week or so in January, this lovely company designed my new logo. I was in love! I know you are only just seeing it in use now and that’s because I still had printed material to get rid of. I didn’t want to waste all my business cards etc so I wanted to have the logo but wait until I was running low on my printing business material to order new with the new logo.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the new logo?
Just your comments below 🙂

The company used: Sorella Designs
Take a look at their Facebook Page

So as this is new, the website is currently being updated with new images and the new logo.

What do you think? Do you like it?

Wedding and Portrait photographer in Leicestershire and Staffordshire

New blogs coming soon, pop back to see the latest 🙂

Sophie, x

Wedding Photography // Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel // Kerrie and Dan

20 June, 2018 (21:06)

The wedding of Kerrie and Dan married at Worthington church and then onto Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel, Derbyshire for the reception.

Bridal preparations started at Kerrie’s sister’s house for her make-up and hair then over to her mum’s house for a little bit of breakfast and putting on of the dress as well as everyone else getting into their outfits for the occasion. As I finished at the house and left to head over to the church, a gorgeous horse and carriage arrived and was waiting outside to take the bride and father to the church. I’ve never seen such a beautiful horse and carriage! I think you may agree when you take a look at the images below.

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Wedding Photography // Laura & Martyn – Hazlewood Castle, Leeds.

29 May, 2018 (11:18)

I love weddings … you have heard that once or twice (ok maybe more!) so much so that when I can travel further afield to photograph a stunning wedding – I’m there! The amazing Vivienne Edge Photography hired me to be the second photographer at this wedding. I was so excited, though I know Viv through courses etc this was the first time we got to work together 🙂 Excited was probably an understatement, to be honest. The venue is outstanding – Hazlewood Castle – Leeds. Check it out it’s super beautiful. I have been to the castle a few times previously for training but never photographed an actual wedding there … until now 🙂 hence my excitement!

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Family Portraits // Studio Vs Location

6 April, 2018 (21:05)

When I get enquiries for family portraits, the first thing to always think about is what type of session you want …
There are two different options here, one is a studio session or option two is a location session. Both of these sessions are completely different.
When thinking about family portraits the one thing you need to consider most is what you want the outcome to look like? So what do you what your portraits to look like? You have to visualise what family photos you see hanging on the walls in your home.
Easier said than done I know, so here’s a little explanation to help you decide.

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Boudoir Photography // Amiee

12 March, 2018 (16:09)

Boudoir photographer in Leicester / Leicestershire

As soon as Amiee arrived at the studio for her boudoir portraits I could tell she was incredibly nervous. Amiee wanted to do the session not only for herself to get some confidence back but also as a little present for her boyfriend for Christmas present. Amiee had booked the lovely Jemma to do her make-up for the portrait session. As always, Jemma was brilliant and made the makeup look completely natural. As the make-up was being done I knew Amiee would ease into it a little more and she did.

Amiee’s make-up complete meant we could crack on getting some of that confidence back 🙂 you may look at the images of Amiee and wonder why she would need confident boost, well she is beautiful and she does have a lovely figure but a lot of women do still lack in confidence no matter how their body looks. During the portrait session, I was making her smile, to show her teeth, which I know a lot of people hate but it looks so beautiful when a woman smiles. Amiee hated her smile/laugh but I think you will all agree it is stunning! Of course, I didn’t make her do this all the time, especially as she didn’t like it then I know she wouldn’t want those photos, we did some mouth closed smiles 🙂

Like my other boudoir portrait sessions, these photos have had minimal editing. Only editing was to the background and some on the lighting, other than that I have left Amiee completely alone, no skin edited and I don’t change the shape of her body either. The idea of these portrait sessions is to look and be as natural as possible, hence the minimal makeup and editing. Take a look at Amiee’s photos to see how lovely her boudoir session went. If you have been thinking about booking in for a boudoir session of your own I would love to hear from you, you can also pop over and have a read of my frequently asked questions about boudoirs sessions.

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Look forward to hearing from you soon,
Sophie, x

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