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3 December, 2017 (15:04)

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This week I wanted to write about Carla’s Boudoir portrait session. I am so glad I got to do this boudoir session for Carla, after what she had told me she suffers from on a daily basis I am so glad she was able to make it to this session. Carla like many is a working mum but she suffers from a few conditions, fibromyalgia being one of them as well as diverticulitis which is an awful condition and stops her doing normal things we all take for granted. With conditions like what Carla, unfortunately, suffers from it stops her from being able to plan and go out when she wants, as well as being more than 30-45mins away from home.

Carla also has to be careful with what foods she eats – can you imagine having these awful conditions?! For Carla’s session, I tried so hard to be careful with her, not to make her do too much, unfortunately though, the next day or two she was in so much pain, practically sofa-bound. I felt so bad when she told me, but as she said it was worth it for her. It wasn’t going to happen again anytime soon so she could deal with it and she’d recover from it. But still, I felt awful! Nevertheless, I was so pleased with the results, my aim was to be able to show Carla just how beautiful she is … because she doesn’t feel it at all … not that I blame her, with those conditions I don’t think I would feel beautiful either. Carla has such an amazing husband who loves her endlessly, tells her how beautiful she is, though being a women she doesn’t believe it.

When Carla and her husband came back to the studio to view their images, I was quite excited to show them the final results 🙂 I think you might agree they are beautiful.

Many people have a miss conception of what a boudoir portrait session actually is. For those that don’t know, a boudoir session is all about making women feel great about themselves in their own skin. I love these portrait photography sessions, I get to help women who don’t feel beautiful, who may suffer from anxiety, or who may lack confidence in themselves. I help women feel good about themselves. I love nothing more than a woman who is nervous coming into my studio because they know they are going to be showing their body to almost a stranger but have a smile on their face and feel a little bit better about themselves when they leave. Its then when my clients see their own images they realise just how beautiful they look. When I do boudoir sessions, I don’t edit my clients stretch marks out or any scars they may have because the idea is to feel great in your own skin so why would I make you look different?

So without further ado, here are some of the stunning images from Carla’s boudoir portrait photography session. Carla and her husband will treasure forever 🙂

boudoir photographer leicester
boudoir photographer leicester
boudoir photographer leicester

boudoir photographer leicesterboudoir photographer leicester

If you are interested in a boudoir portrait session and would like to know more you can view details on the boudoir photography section. I would love to chat to you if you are thinking about booking in for yourself or for someone else, so why not get in touch? 🙂

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