Frequently Asked Questions about Cake Smash Photography

Before you ask for a copy of my cake smash photography brochure, here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand a little more about me and process.

– Where are you based?

I am a portrait photographer based in and around Leicester and Leicestershire area. Cake smash portrait sessions are photographed in my home studio in Leicestershire.

– What happens if my child cries all the time?

Sometimes it happens, not often though. Unfortunately, with a cake smash session, should we need to reschedule it would have to be quick because the cake only lasts a few days. Before we actually start the session, I do let your child play a little and wonder just to ease them into it and so they can see I’m nice. If they are poorly or not their normal self for the portraits then I will ask if you want to reschedule the session. Sometimes little ones just need a few cuddles in between and that’s absolutely fine.

– Does the cake need to be made a certain way?

Ideally. The cake is usually made with buttercream on the outside so it is easier for your child to grab, eat and get messy!

– Who choose’s the theme for the cake smash session?

I’m hoping you. I love cake smash sessions, each is so different as every child is into something completely different. Some boys like tractors, cars or animals and girls some like unicorns, sparkles, pink. Though these are just some examples, the beauty of cake smash is your theme could be anything you want (as long as its doable). I get some that say pink, white and gold theme. I am completely open to ideas.

– How many sets of clothes do I need?

Good question. It can get messy. The cake smash is like two sessions in one. We do a nice portrait of your little one before the smash in nice clothes, also at this point, it can be possible to have a family photo. After we’ve got some gorgeous portraits, its time to change your little one into the outfit they will be wearing for the smash part to start to get messy.

– Does the session fee include my images?

Unfortunately not. The session fee is to cover the session cost, my time and skill. When you get in touch to ask for my brochure you will see my collections, a la carte, extras and gift options.


Get in touch and ask for my cake smash brochure :)

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