It really is on the way!

12 September, 2017 (19:32)

You may have guessed already what is coming … Christmas! Christmas is on its way. The past couple of weeks when I have been to the supermarkets and other stores they have had Christmas items in. It’s mostly the tins of chocolates and biscuits, but the other day I took my friend to a warehouse place to look at wedding items and they had a whole Christmas section, a few Halloween items but not much in comparison to the Christmas isles.

This did mean however I browsed the Christmas items and we all know what browsing leads too … yep! I brought Christmas items, not just any though they were props for the studio – now this means I’m planning my Christmas photography sessions. Yes, that is what I said, I am planning my Christmas sessions, well, in fact, I believe I have decided on my packages and got my set up done already. This time of year soon comes around.

I wonder how many of you have actually already started shopping? I know a few of my friends have …. mad I know! This post is really just a heads up that a lot of people are already getting ready for Mr C. This year my set up for the Christmas photography sessions is super gorgeous, better than other years. I really can not wait to show you what it is and share the amazing packages I have for you and you will see just how amazingly priced they are too 🙂 I love Christmas, I guess it is because I’m a December baby.

I hope to see you very soon 🙂

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